First week in Sheffield

I am very sad and gloomy (yeah, just like the British weather) because I could not imagine how bad I will feel about having to leave this place 5 months later. I already start missing Sheffield. I love the city and I love living here. I like every person I have met and I am happy to have done everything I did here. I am sure it was not because this is an exchange experience that made me excited, but because this city has so much to offer and really, I am so lucky to be able to meet all the nice people.

Sheffield is not like London, Hong Kong or any “international” cities that will pack you with loads of activities to do everyday. It is England and UK’s hidden gem. You will need to understand it yourself and find out what it has to offer. I am not saying Sheffield is boring, because this is not true at all. In fact, I probably love Sheffield more than my “home” city because I feel I am more rewarded here living as a resident and citizen.

My first week in Sheffield was very energetic and definitely marked a good start of this exchange experience. The next day after my arrival I found Weston Park and Sheffield Museum, and it was a sunny day. Cold, but sunny. It was so relaxing I forgot how miserable the journey to Sheffield was, and I feel everything was worth it. I know I should be sociable and meet people here, but I truly appreciate alone time because that was when I was allowed to think. I would say Weston Park is really a nice place for this activity and I should probably go there more often.

The other day I attended editorial meetings of the University’s student publication. The atmosphere was quite different from what I have done before. You are not required to pitch your own ideas here and you will only need to work on stories “approved” by the editors. So even though I have done some preparation, they were not very useful here. I guess it is also kind of strange exchange students like me will want to involve in local student media.

Then Thursday treated me well! I cooked chow mien for my flatmates and they were too nice to say it was really crap. We then headed off to the party for exchange and erasmus students and all I could say is, well I had a good night! It was a new and a bit weird experience for me but it was also the night I had some really deep thoughts and personal conversations with some of my flatmates. “A little sincerity is a dangerous thing, and a great deal of it is absolutely fatal.” I was not feeling very involved the first few days because I know no one here, and I was worrying about if I will ever be able to make any good friends. Then I found out in order to make this possible, I need midnight, kitchen, and a sincere heart. I am being so sincere here because I know no one will read my blog and I am just writing whatever I want to write here. I also know this is not something I will usually say in public, but it is indeed true. I don’t know if I have been a sincere person, but I wouldn’t mind becoming able to kill someone with sincerity. I have always been wearing my hoodie from Sincere Floor here as lounge wear, and I probably didn’t get what it really means only after that Thursday night.

Anyway, then, it came my most disliked day of the year, Valentine’s Day, which I disliked as much as I was before. I got no chocolates and I paid a visit to middle of nowhere and walked back with no good pictures taken. It was COLD. Then I spent the night with some girls I really hate eating Domino’s pizza, which was absolutely sad. We all hate each other so much we spent the night playing stupid games and chatted for a hell long of time. That was exhausting I don’t even want to talk about anymore. I hate them so much I should never see them again.

The other day I visited the Botanical Gardens and found the Bear Pit. Well February was probably not the best time to visit any “botanical” gardens, but I had some nice pictures taken, so I am fine. The Bear Pit stinks really bad under the rain and mud and grass and probably some ancient bear poo…

So, I should probably be doing something constructive. I wasn’t able to read seriously anywhere my flat (because I am always thinking about food or my smoking hot flatmate). Still a bit over excited here about the exchange, but I will be fine very soon. So again, if anyone is reading this, Happy Chinese New Year, because it will be Lunar 1/1 this Thursday.


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