Onboard 36 hrs Part 2 – Manchester

This is going to be a short blog because I really didn’t spend a lot of time in Manchester. I don’t mean to offend anyone from this city, but I think there are a few things the authorities could have noted in order to make this city more “accessible” for the visitors.

First off, in Manchester “International” Airport there were no lifts between the plane and the airport. I did fine because my luggage wasn’t too heavy, but what if I am on a wheelchair? I really have no f**king clue how to climb those steps to immigration. This wasn’t even worse, the staff at immigration was a bit tough. It was the first time I used my passport to get though the e-gates, and so obviously it will take me some time to learn it! The staff was probably thinking “Oh another fresh off the boat Chinese kid” and was really impolite and annoying. I was a bit panicked and so you can imagine it didn’t end well.

Then I panicked even more because the train station was closed. I had to take the transition bus but that was fine. It was my two pieces of baggage that really bothered me. I was short and definitely not good enough to carry those on my own. Luckily the train company staffs were friendly and they helped. The bus ride was kind of unforgettable because it was the first “trip” I had in Britain. I will probably never forget what I saw along the bus ride even though there were really just schools, churches and residences.

I then got to the Manchester Piccadilly Station. I waited for 4 hours. I am glad I had to walk pass the main platforms to get on my train. It was the first time I saw a real British train station and (even though it was not London Central) I kind of linked it to the 9 3/4 platform… I guess that was because I had been watching Harry Potter films the weeks before I depart…

Then here it was! The train ride. The baggage was a pain (it have always been anyways) but I am glad I booked a window seat. I had a little open “cabin” so I sat opposite of two ladies and a table. I didn’t care if they were occupying most of the space, but I loved it when the scenes of fields covered in snow entered my sight. That was calming and beautiful. I haven’t seen “snowing” yet but that was definitely the first time I have even seen real snow. I just loved when everything was covered in white, and I was sitting inside the train with warmth from the heater.

I didn’t take any photos on the train probably I was afraid to look like an idiot and I was really tired to even take out my phone. I won’t forget what I have seen, and I embrace the fact of the journey that I had to experience this all by myself. I have never been an anti-social person nor a total introvert, but I agree “quiet” stimuli inspires me better than pure socializing. I guess. I enjoyed the ride, that’s enough for me. 

(The photo was of Manchester from above – really, really gloomy though.)


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