Northern Lights in Tromsø

I want to be genuine and honest about this experience, so I selected excerpts from my travel diary in Tromsø. Every single word was written on the day of the experience, but I have edited the grammar and added a few supplementary phrases in order to make this entry less confusing to read.

25/3 (Wed) 

… I went to Jacuzzi again. I had some thoughts [while enjoying the hot bath under snow] and I think I need to write them down. I have been complaining Tromsø as less “exciting” than Oslo because I haven’t seen the lights yet and the weather hasn’t been good. But the more I complain the less I get. In fact Tromsø is a really nice place to relax because one doesn’t live a fast-paced life here. People are chilled and relaxed and I really like that. They are also very green and close to the nature. So is it the closer we are to society, the farther we are to the nature where we were nurtured by ? If so this is really pathetic.

I have the luck to enjoy a hot bath and the snowy scene of the Tromsø coastline at the age of 19. I can eat salmon and brunost in Norway. I can sleep well and see all the things I have never seen before… I am so blessed and really what else can I ask for ? I know everything really is once-in-a-lifetime. I mean I will come back for sure, but I won’t be 19 anymore … I really have to treasure every moment because I am already extremely lucky. I am so grateful. Now I think the lights as a bonus. You can’t ask for too much ! 

26/3 (Thu)

(On the way to inland Tromsø chasing the lights) The heavily snowed Tromsø was really impressive I couldn’t stop WOWing along the journey. I was like in documentaries. The houses were really pretty and the sky was full of stars and a bright bright moon. I finally arrived, and soon I saw the northern lights. I could spend a thousand words describing the shapes and movement of all the lights I have seen, but a picture works so much better than my limited English writing skills. I will never get tired by watching them because they are nature’s gift and they come in all shapes and all movements, though not very vigorously. Once the lights became white and it was like a milky way. And at the end the lights were really strong and was like a dancing ribbon swirling in the dark clear sky. All I feel is thanks to mother nature and blessed because I was able to see it, along with moon and the stars… My feet were frozen but it was very worth it. 

28/3 (Sat) Last night in Tromsø

We saw the lights again and I was very grateful I was able to identify it. Well it’s just because they don’t look like clouds maybe. We saw different shapes of the lights despite the clouds, too-bright moon and relatively weak solar activity. We also saw 2.5 coronas, which are rays of lights of purple and green colours. This was absolutely fascinating and we really were extremely lucky and blessed !! It was the 2nd night we were on tour to see the lights and on both nights we saw different shapes of aurora. I could only say I am very very lucky and blessed because this really depends on nature and there is no guarantee really. People expect to see the lights because they came all the way here to Tromsø but I know only if you think it as a bonus or a gift from nature you will be able to treasure, cherish and appreciate it. 

I hope no one is offended by my totally blunt words. I didn’t have a professional camera to take photos of the lights, but everything was clearly printed in my brain. Somehow this allowed me to truly appreciate the lights and the folk stories derived from them. By the way, it was absolutely crazy, but laying down on the snow and watching the coronas was probably one of the “coolest” things I have ever done in my life, and I am still very chuffed about it. Haha.


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