Charging myself in Brugge

From Gent we took a train and arrived at Brugge in the evening. We were lucky we found a host in the last minute, despite she just moved in probably a week ago. She has a nice flat and two cats. While our host was out for dinner, we spent the night healing ourselves with an Art Therapy colouring book Aukse bought from FNAC. (I think FNAC has become one of the main concepts in our journey. We loved it and we hated it. It is a symbol of irresponsible lavishing …) From time to time there were trains passing by the main window in the living room, so we waved to the passengers on every train. It was a really fun activity to do, especially during the night when the adult (host) is gone and two kids (guests) were left home alone … hehe. We had a really good laugh and we hope we brought at least some fun to the passengers on the train.

The next day we walked around and explored the city. It is not a very big city so a day sufficed for us. It was really well preserved and it was the first time I have seen such a medieval city like this. Plus there were canals in the city and so we really enjoyed it. Both Aukse and I love cities with waters. But at that time Aukse loves waters more than I do.

Like any other Couchsurfing experience, I cooked dinner for our host and it was surprisingly good. We talked with our host and she kindly offered to show us around the city at night. She told us the history of the buildings, showed us a museum only locals know, and shared with us authentic Belgian fries. I feel so lucky because I wouldn’t have known so much more and seen such beautiful sceneries of the city at night if we weren’t staying with our host.

Sometimes when I am on a multi-city journey, not a single-destination trip, some cities serve as a buffer so I slow down my pace for a little bit, stop when I need to, spend some time with locals and experience a different way of travelling. I call these “charger cities”. I recharge myself in these lovely small towns. Brugge is one of them. I don’t have a list of attractions I want to see, I don’t do touristy things, I don’t even write a postcard from these cities. But they are there on my travels and I have had great, relaxing moments there.

So here you have a short entry for a small but lovely town. It is short, but it is precise and genuine.


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