Gothenburg / Göteborg

I have never been to the Gothenburg Restaurant in Hong Kong, but I have been to Gothenburg in Sweden. (LOL) My stay was short, but I did not miss the opportunity to have a Fika with my inner self (I know it sounds creepy but read on) in the Haga area. A Fika is “a social cup of coffee” and it can occur anytime, anywhere, with anyone as long as there are coffee and something sweet. Technically, a Fika needs more than one person to occur. But thanks to a nice, cozy cafe in Haga, where I sat for 3 hours straight and wrote and wrote and wrote, I seem to know more about myself afterwards.


Muslims have fasting once a year to cleanse their body, and we should probably cleanse our brains more often. By writing I discovered my ability to self-heal because often I feel so much calmer after writing. It doesn’t necessarily mean the issues I am facing are handled merely by writing, but I usually come up with solutions as I write. And of course, the nice cup of coffee really helped. 🙂

After an intense self battle I walked out of the cafe to meet a friend, Rebecka, who would host me for the night. I feel very lucky because she understands young travellers, she introduced to me her cool friends and they brought me to an awesome local restaurant and pub. There I had a really nice vegan lasagne and tried snus for the first time. My parents probably shouldn’t read this but I am still going to write about it.


Snus is basically a gum-sized tea bag of nicotine where you put it between your inner lips and teeth. Rebecka and her girl friends warned me not to do it because they vomited and felt really bad the first time they did it. I still tried, but only for 5 mins or so. It was supposed to burn my gum and make me want to vomit, but I guess I really couldn’t feel anything except a little chilli on my inner lips. Snus would definitely be illegal in Hong Kong, but it is perfectly legal in Sweden and you can get it even in supermarkets. I have no intention to try it again, but it was a nice experience.

So, in Gothenburg I was mentally charged, but physically exhausted because we kind of spent a night out. There was one thing though that made me a bit sad:

Though I was mortified to see this in the kids section … I am a full grown lady and my height is below 170.

And I googled. The City Council changed the name to Gothenburg in Dec 2009 for all international communications. Well otherwise I would not be able to pronouce “ö” anyways …


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