Chilling around chilly Århus


I have to say as my stay in Århus was incredibly short, I didn’t do much ! What I did were definitely enjoyable though. For instance I found the longest slide, the most relaxed people and the best coffee in my life.

1. The longest slide


This crazy bear chute slide took me 3 minutes to climb up (entrance on the bear’s left leg) and gave me 5 seconds of excitement and dizziness. It is one of the many facilities of Legepladsen Kloden in Dokk1, a new public space building to “transform the city’s inner industrial harbour to city space”. I recommend reading what Dokk1 exactly is on their website (, because all I know about it is it is a damn cool place for its citizens.

Bygningen nyt format_0
Credit: Dokk 1 website

Why the heck do Hong Kong people just have this minging「門常開」(“Door always open” Government headquarters) that looks like a fucking crotch squatting on a piece of grass ready to drop turd ? Oh right, because the government of HK IS a piece of shit.

Credit: Oriental Daily HK

2. The most relaxed people

Hostel – I stayed with City Sleep-in, a cheap and slightly dodgy hostel. The staff at the reception was super nice though, great hair style, lovely smile, and she forgot to charge me for the hostel rate because we were chatting at the reception. She lent me a clean towel for free. She also told me the hostel’s walls will be painted by a talented young man who just graduated art school and I was in the lift, looking at the young man’s works, quietly agreeing he is talented. (Didn’t take photos though.)

Restaurant – I walked around the streets and found a Vietnamese restaurant. Since I really missed Asian food I walked in. After the meal my credit cards were not working and I had not enough cash. The owner told me where is the ATM and just let me go with all my belongings. Of course I took cash from the ATM and returned, because I am such a self-disciplined person, but anybody could have ran away and I wonder if the owner have had anyone shitty customers before … Probably not, otherwise he would have kept my ID card or something so I don’t run away.

3. The best coffee in my life

La Cabra Coffee Roasters

As recommended by a friend from Århus, here ( I had the best coffee and cake in my life before I hop on the plane (actually train but) to Strasbourg for my summer school. A great ending for my two weeks in Scandinavia. I am not good at describing coffee in words, but a hot barista definitely added points to it. Haha. As I recall, the coffee has a very strong aroma and went extremely well with the chocolate cake. The aroma stayed and didn’t make my breath stink like caffeine after its gone. I also appreciate that they only use the finest coffee beans (yes, and through fair trade). The inside of the cafe was of course nicely designed also.

So here you have it. A short entry for a short stay. Will definitely go back and hope the weather will be nicer.


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