Strasbourg (2) – La vie

The previous post was about what I did inside the classroom in Strasbourg, this post is going to be a Q&A about what I did when class is over and the party starts.

1. Where did you stay ?
I stayed in a single room at the end of the corridor on 5/F (probably) in block B (probably) of the student dormitory next to the Université de Strasbourg. There were other options, such as staying with a host family, but it was out of my budget.

The student dorm was not a very social accommodation, as there were no common area on each floor. I probably wouldn’t socialize with mes voisins in the pantry or the communal toilet/ shower. Despite that I always open my room door, I have only talked to the guy living next to me a few times and the new resident of the room opposite to mine – on my last day.

I have been to student dorm rooms in other cities, and in general I would say my dorm room was a very, very sad place to live in. Then I understood how lonely university students living by themselves are.

2. So where did you meet people to hang out with ?
Luckily, I befriended with some lovely people from other classes in the second week. I basically stuck with them most of the weekends…

Monica, Me, Lucas, Özge, Anara

Monica from Milan whose French is already very fluent, and who always carry an unnecessarily big bag we all call her the mum (who hides her baby in the bag).

Lucas from Switzerland who also speaks Spanish perfectly, along with Anara from Kazakhstan are probably the youngest among all AF students.

Özge from Istanbul a wonderful girl who shares the same humour, interests and views with me, sometimes one or two cigarettes…

My figure appears absurdly round in an awkward pose in this photo taken on the viewing platform of Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Strasbourg.

3. What did you do with these lovely people ?
Many things !

Along with those in the photo there were actually also Daniel who is from Spain and occasionally other people from other classes. One weekend we went to the museums in Strasbourg because all admission fees were waived for some reason. We basically checked off as much on the list as possible but I liked the Musée d’art moderne et contemporain and Musée Alsacien the most.

Probably the most understandable modern art piece for me

This courtyard reminds me of a Chinese 四合院, somehow


Another night we went to see the premiere of a light show celebrating the millennium of the cathedral. The show lasts for a whole month, every night at 22h30 but people all went to see it on the first night (of course). It last for 15 minutes and really was spectacular with the carefully crafted visual effects and music.






The last weekend we went to the a lake and spent some time under the sun.


One day after class, I was invited to a Lithuanian girl’s home and had some food together. Her name is Paula and she has a fun style of speaking French. I enjoyed very much spending time with her just sitting and chatting. She cleared some doubts of mine regarding a few things, I could say she inspired me to answer some questions in my head. Of course also her hospitality, I think I also ate pizza once at her place.



And on my very last day, I went to the Citadelle with Özge and played some swing. I didn’t know this park was so near to where I live but I am glad she brought me there. That night we planned a “night out” and although it turned out a bit weird we had fun drinking and chatting in the bars of Strasbourg.


I didn’t take too many photos, but life in Strasbourg was fun, as much as in Sheffield. Having that said I also miss life in France (and all my friends) as much as I miss life in England. Living in France was quite exciting in some sense and I sure want to live in other parts of France now. In Strasbourg I adapted instantly as I already have experiences of taking the tram, buying groceries etc but this time I didn’t pay too much effort into integrating with the local community. Anyhow, Strasbourg embarked the beginning of my summer travels and starting from next post, it will be a heck lot of surprises ! 🙂


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