Visiting Flatducks (3) – Marta, Marina & Venezia on film

Oh Venice. Though I prefer to call it Venezia. I am sure you can get an idea of how stunning and romantic Venezia is by doing an image search on Google and read the great literature suggested by The Guardian. I am neither a great photographer who take photos for people to make wall papers, or a great writer who make every place she visited a place of dream. However, I have my justification why I like Venezia. If I haven’t mentioned yet that I love cities with water (like a lake, river, harbour etc), I will say it now – I LOVE cities with water. It is the best if I can walk along the river, or be on the ferry. Hong Kong has a harbour too, but that’s not the reason.

Instead, it is my character according to Taoism, a branch of Chinese philosophy. There are 5 elements that rule the world – Gold, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth. I carry a strong water character, whose energy is still at times but constantly conserving. It represents flexibility and mobility, which can make me weak, but will allow me to overcome land as I flood. Venezia is the most Watery city I could ever find. Therefore visiting Venezia serves as pilgrimage for me.

I should also talk about Marina, as we reunited on the Venezia train station platform. (It’s not like we accidentally bumped onto each other there, we planned for it, but still, haha !) Marina was an interesting person especially when she was in Sheffield. She has a character that is even sometimes a little bit strange – she seems too laid back ! I am sure she has got her shit together because she is doing great in her master’s studies, but she never seem to care when we or her flatmates have (make) fun of her. (We didn’t bully her. No.) Marina will even join the laugh. Also, she is never angry. Even when she is, she looks like she is not. We were all a little weird at the beginning of our friendship, but Marina made her way to be lovely weird the whole time we were in Sheffield, and we love her.

So we started our day in Venezia, thanks to Marta’s boyfriend Roby who studies in Venezia and guided us (me).

On the Rialto bridge where a lot of hawkers sell selfie sticks


Pretending to look at the sea outside Punta della Dogana with deep sorrow

Venezia Riva degli sckiavoni

28 Jul 2015
Riva degli Schiavoni

This is from one end of the Ponte della Paglia, on which people look at the Ponte dei Sospiri (Bridge of Sighs). As you can see, there are more people than necessary but now that I think of it, I am really depressed. I have never watched the movie, but the legend doesn’t make much sense anyways. Taking away the tourists and really immerse myself in the mood, I couldn’t help but think how great of a crime one has to commit in order to deserve this punishment – not the punishment itself, but the last breath in a lively world.

28 Jul 2015
La Torre dell’Orologio a Piazza San Marco

This clock tower looks MUCH better than it is on this photo, but I will still write about it. Marta and Marina had me mentally prepared before we turn from a valley and enter the Piazza, but I was still stunned by how huge the Piazza is. This structure is the only thing I can capture with my camera without cutting off a large part of the building or capturing all of the tourists on the Piazza as well.

28 Jul 2015
Punta della Dogana

Haha I love this photo. I was so lucky the duck was still within the frame ! We sat on the dock of the museum and enjoyed maybe 15 mins of meditation looking at the sea (is it a sea or a lagoon ? …). If view from above, the museum is actually iron-shaped, and we were at the very end point of the triangle, which was really cool ^^

28 Jul 2015
Santa Maria del Giglio

We were technically at the water bus stop and not the church. The water bus was very cool as well, there are so many people on the ferry ! We actually boarded on a small boat, however, and a new rower was on training.

Venezia Campo s Bartolomes

28 Jul 2015
Campo San Bartolomeo

This is a small but extremely busy square not far from the Rialto Bridge. Alleys and small streets to all directions are filled with shops, restaurants and secret passages. I took this photo because I thought the white “building” backdrop was kind of funny. Who are they trying to fake ? Lol

Venezia resto menu

28 Jul 2015
A restaurant even locals go whose name I forgot

Then it was food time. I took a snap of this menu board because I found it vintage. It’s also a good way to remember all the vocab (of cibo, of course) for later reference. Roby, using his expert knowledge, decided this one will be a good restaurant because even locals go here to eat. That I love. “Blend in”. I had squid pasta. It was great.

28 Jul 2015
Campo Sant’Angelo

Italians seem to have a thing with leaning towers. You might not be able to see it from first sight on this photo, but the bell tower of Santo Stefano actually has an inclination of 2 metres. Then I found this article: 10 Leaning Towers of Italy (not just in Pisa).Venezia

28 Jul 2015
I had no idea where this is

This is another square and I took a photo to record how quiet it is as opposed to all other squares I have seen.

28 Jul 2015
On a random bridge

And a photo on a bridge to end the trip.

A day in Venezia was romantic and I wish I had more time to visit the museums and eat more food. I will come back not in summer so there will be hopefully less tourists. Roby did me such a big favour because driving to and from Venezia was really tiring and just because I wanted to visit, he helped so gladly like taking care of a little sister. Also seeing Marina again was full of jokes and cute awkwardness (haha). It was a great day. 🙂


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