Ljubljana on film

My stay in Ljubljana was brief (unfortunately) but I absolutely loved it. It’s rather different from Western Europe or Scandinavia – the architecture, the language, the people. Slovenes appear to me more easy-going, simplistic, curious and are better at taking their time.

The hostel I stayed at is a former student dormitory. It was great because I felt like I was back to uni again with the study furniture, communal shower and kitchen like a students’ flat (technically I was still in uni, just on summer holidays). The lift was the same in the hostel in Aarhus, you have to open and close the door yourself.

The day I arrived was not very sunny (it was raining actually) so I only went out at night. I planned to walk around the Ljubljanica River because I thought it is a circle within the capital area, it shouldn’t be that easy to fuck up. I was wrong. I walked a half of it and went back according to the original route. It was fun though, as I have seen some interesting bridges and small shops on the way. It was 8 when I started, and I had not been disturbed at all. Being an Asian young female walking alone in a completely foreign city (I had no idea where the courage come from), I could say it’s pretty safe. On my way back I found a Gelato stall/ bar and I had two scopes for the price of one because the shop owner was nice. I know.

The following photos were all taken on the only sunny day while I was there. Because as you might know, my Fuji Instax 210 doesn’t work so well with dim (or overly bright) light.

Lju Banka

31 Jul 2015 12:00 PM
People’s Loan Bank Building

This is a fail because the sun was too shiny ! Also I got the name of the building wrong on the label area. Since I didn’t get to visit the inside, here is the official description :

The People’s Loan Bank building was designed by Josip Vancaš in 1907. The most remarkable features of its distinctly Art Nouveau fasade are ceramic tiling in the style of the Viennese architect Otto Wagner and shallow balconies reminiscent of the style of Max Fabiani. The roof is topped by two sitting barefoot female figures with bare shoulders holding a pouch, a bee-hive and a couple of shields bearing the images of a bee and an ant, the symbols of frugality, diligence and financial wealth.

I encourage you to google if you fancy to know what it looked like irl.

Lju Notarka Magda

31 Jul 2015 12:00 PM
Cooperative Business Bank building

This is again a fail because the sun was too bright, aaand I also got the name wrong on the label area. (What am I doing with my life…) However I was stunned by the colours of the building as the patterns made me feel like it is a giant drama stage and people will come out of the windows singing. Lol. It was said to be Slovenia’s most beautiful building but also I didn’t get to see the inside as it is a bank. Again here is some official text and what it looks like irl :

Built in 1921 to a design by the architect Ivan Vurnik, it is considered to be one of the finest examples of Slovenian national style architecture. The inside of the building boasts a large reception hall with wall paintings and a glass ceiling constructed from small blue squares of glass with an inbuilt decorative strip made from various coloured bottles.

The building’s fasade frescoes and interior wall paintings are the work of the architect Vurnik’s Viennese-born wife Helena, who had taken part in her husband’s research and design of distinctive Slovenian architecture. Her geometric ornaments in red, white and blue, the colour combination of the Slovenian tricolour, are mixed with elements of Slovenian iconography, such as stylized spruce-wooded and cornfield landscapes, vine plants and women in Slovenian national costumes.

Photo from Pintrest
Vurnikova hiša
Photo from trgovinaika.si


Lju Bartija

31 Jul 2015 1:00 PM

Three fails in a row ! It was supposed to be a spectacular panoramic photo but obviously I didn’t think of switching to the lighter mode. Well I supposed I could talk about the hike up there then. The hike up to the Castle start from an almost unnoticeable, secret alley but there were signs so I made it. It wasn’t too bad but I climbed maybe for 30 mins and it could be slippery at times. You could also take a cable car.

Lju Triple Bridge

31 Jul 2015 2:00 PM
Triple Bridge

Apparently this is one of Ljubljana’s most popular attractions. The three bridges are across the Ljubljanica. It was quite an interesting feeling to walk on the bridge as it bridges the “modern” capital to the old town in just a few steps. It accentuates the idea of time travelling and I am really fascinated.

Lju Triple Bridge 2

31 Jul 2015 2:00 PM
On the Triple Bridge

I was crossing the bridge, about to explore the old town. It was especially fun when you also have to walk past the small turning road in order to get to the inner circle of the old town. But once you got in there are many interesting things to see like shops, fountains, cafes etc. Like a maze.

Lju Sunday food market

31 Jul 2015 3:00 PM
Odprta Kuhna Food Market

Now this is why I looooooove Ljubljana. Food ! The Open Kitchen concept basically means on each Friday from morning till night restaurants gather and make food/ drinks here and people just have fun. There were SO many people and the entire square was filled with savory in the air. (Literally, as you can see the smoke on the trees !) Don’t miss it if you go to Ljubljana! Details: http://www.odprtakuhna.si/en/about-us

Lju Cankarjevo

31 Jul 2015
Cankarjevo nabrežje

This photo captures my favourite view of Ljubljana. This photo was taken on a bridge, obviously. On both ends of the bridge there were cafes, tourists, bikers etc; but on the bridge it gives you quietness and calm. The river that leads somewhere to be seen attracts me. I found a cafe 10 mins from this bridge and had a nice 3-hr writing session, mainly for postcards, diaries and some notes.

Lju Pogacarjev

31 Jul 2015
Near Pogačarjev trg

I have no idea why I took this photo. I was probably trying to go to some museum and it was closed already so I walked around I found this building quite nice so I snapped. Probably. The leaves on top though.

Lju Near Roska

31 Jul 2015 6:00 PM
St. Peter’s Parish Church

I found this on my way back to the hostel. There was a tiny park nearby where I spent the evening playing the swing. It is a Roman Catholic Church and one of the oldest in Ljubljana. I thought it looked cool.

It was devastating to lose all my digital photos because my SD card corrupted. But I enjoyed my stay in Ljubljana and I will never forget the cafe where I ordered 2 cappuccino but they gave me 3. The waitress was very cute. Haha.


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