Prague – A very big mistake

First and foremost, I know that a lot of people have been to Prague and absolutely loved it. What I mean by “a very big mistake” doesn’t mean Prague itself is a mistake. It was me who made a mistake to go to Prague ! Originally, I planned to stay in Prague for a whole 5 days and so you can tell I had really high expectations for myself to totally appreciate Prague’s beauty. Unfortunately, towards the middle of my trip, I just wanted to leave but I couldn’t as I had already booked the hostel and the plane ticket in fixed dates. This made things worse and my hatred towards this trip eventually developed.

The mistake was about “time”. In French “le temps” means both the weather and the timing. In terms of weather, as I went to Prague on the second week of August, Prague was basically an oven because the European heatwave hit this landlocked country very hard. In terms of timing, my Czech penfriend for 5 years called off our meet up at the very last minute because she was too busy moving.

Europe heatwave + Oven hostel

When I arrived in Prague the temperature was Europe’s all time high. I didn’t foresee that and made a terrible hostel choice. I understand that in most of Europe’s homes or buildings there are no air conditioning because they rarely need to. However my hostel made the heatwave a lot worse because it is a fucking 16th century building located inside a alley. This makes the ventilation really bad that I had to open the window in the dorm room. However opening the window means attracting all the noise from the alley which is an Italian restaurant. I barely slept for the 5 nights.


The Astronomical Clock Tower under heat

Prague Astronomical Power


This was one of the less heated places, also a hipster spot I quite liked
Still a nice old street
Opera House

Prague Opera House

Prague Old Town Square

Prague Staromestske

They were performing very passionate music. I believe their sweat can fill a 1L bottle

A busy friend

What is more sad when you were there that only one time but your penfriend of 5 years didn’t have time to see you? I understand that she was moving, but I really don’t have more things to say on this one.

Sorry I don’t have a good experience to share with you my friends in Prague. When I was small I watched documentaries about Prague and I really had some fantasy about finally visiting. Unfortunately trips are never perfect and we all make mistakes. The only thing I am happy about is that since the sun was so fucking bright, all of my film photos came out really well.


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