Our Nida

Oh Nida. It was the most relaxing place I have ever been in my life. There I have done basically nothing except living – eat, sleep, breathe, relax. Most of the technology was cut off and for that one day on the beach I could totally forget anything and just sleep. I behaved like a child and probably annoyed Auksė because I wasn’t willing to do anything.

We settled in a campsite which is very well-facilitated. As a former girl scout who has been to Mainland China for a week-long military training camp, I learnt to be grateful for any sort of camping facilities. It was summer when we went and it looks hot, but temperature at night could drop to a really low point. That’s why you can see the heavy jumper hanging out Auksė’s backpack:

A light camper
Our tent was next to the table so we can always get ready easily for food

I really wanted to eat fish in Nida because, well, it is next to the Baltic Sea, and you should always eat what’s fresh. I was so dumb and thinking I should buy fish from the supermarkets and cook in the campsite but Auksė, the smart and experienecd one, brought us to this place where you eat the fish straight from the sea. (Not exactly, because the fish is smoked, so it goes through the smoke house as well.) The place is called Tik Pas Jona and we could see locals lining up just to give their money for those lovely smoked fish from the outside.

Now you may think that all smoked fish are the same – salty and chewy, just like smoked fish. No! Not all smoked fish are the same. Smoking doesn’t hide the bad quality of the fish but definitely enhances the flavour of the good fish. Yes it is salty but it also has the intense aroma of the smoke when eating the meat. I don’t normally like boned fish (except salmon) but I ate everything on the plate and even wanted a second. I should stop writing here because then I will cry over my sad life in Hong Kong where I will never get to eat the great smoked fish from Nida.

A happy face before eating
Two happy faces when eating

Nida is a really nice holiday location if you want to be with a lot of Lithuanian, Latvian, German and Russian families in the summer. Most people at my age may prefer a party beach in Spain/ Portugal/ Thailand but I am already too old for that shit. Holidays to me is for relaxation and releasing the stress that I already don’t have in my daily life. Getting in touch with the nature every once in a while is even better. Until I found a better beach or better smoked fish, I will always come back to Nida (when I can).


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