Andorra on film

Andorra Caldea

31 May 15 4PM
Caldea Hotel

Probably the most modern architecture in Andorra along with the bank headquarters. The spa looked pretty awesome and if I came back I would stay in this hotel to experience the view from spiky windows.

Andorra EE Residential Bldg

1 Jun 15
People’s homes

The striped sun cloth caught my attention of these apartment buildings in Escaldes-Engordany, a parish next to the capital Andorra la Vella. It takes 30 mins to walk from Andorra la Vella to EE, which was funny.

Andorra Sa Calma

1 Jun 15
Sa Calma, Escaldes-Engordany

One of the easiest hikes in Andorra. This trail shows the urbanisation of the parish because on the trail we can see numerous tiny houses under the giant mountain.


Jun 15 1PM
Parc Natural Comunal de les Valls del Comapedrosa/ Coma Pedrosa

I actually forgot where exactly I hiked that day. My Airbnb host drove me to the entrance and I just walked up without knowing where I will be. I doubt that I have hiked to Coma Pedrosa because it is the highest in Andorra and is almost 3000m high in altitude so I might have actually hiked to the Natural Park next to it instead. Nevertheless, the view was amazing and I am very happy I didn’t die so high up there where you can see snow still covering some of the mountain in summer.


Jun 15 1PM
Parc Natural Comunal de les Valls del Comapedrosa/ Coma Pedrosa

Just some trees.

Andorra Comu d'Ordino

6 Jun 15 4:40PM
Como d’Ordino

I like to take photos of flags. This is the office of the Ordina parish/ commune. It was truly interesting to visit Andorra because as it is so tiny all the words we use to politically define a place are all in a different level.

Andorra Ordino Jasmine

6 Jun 15 4:30PM
Jasmine in the garden of Don Guillem d’Areny-Plandolit

Andorra Ordino Village

6 Jun 15 4PM
Llorts Village

This is the village I have ever imagined in my entire life. All the families know each other inside out and the houses are centuries old. Beautiful and calm environment, of course.Andorra Refugi dr cona obaga ferrendes

6 Jun 15 3:30PM
Flowing water

Andorra Arcalis

6 Jun 15 12:35PM

My favourite view of Andorra. Reminds me of Teletubbies land.

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