Brussels on film


Brussels Manneqin Pis

2 Apr 15
Manneken Pis

We were shocked of how tiny it actually is !

Brussels La Gare Centrale

2 Apr 15
La Gare Centrale

Near the central station there are some nice expensive apartments and a tree with pink flowers (cherry blossom). It was really cold waiting for the bus outdoors though.

Brussells Town Hall

2 Apr 15
Town Hall

Brussels Grand Palace

2 Apr 15
The Grand Place

Fortunately there weren’t too many people, only some school kids on a day trip.

Brussels Town Hall

2 Apr 15
Museum of the City of Brussels

It was a very nicely organised museum with a comprehensive collection.

Brussels Street near Grand Palace

2 Apr 15
Just outside the Grand Place

Brussels Cathedrale

2 Apr 15
The Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula

Brussels Cathedrale Inside

2 Apr 15
The painted glass panels of the Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula

It looks dim from this photo but the light from outside was actually very bright such that this photo can reflect the silhouette of the painted glasses.

Brussels Parc de Bruxelles

2 Apr 15
Parc de Bruxelles

Just me and Auksė swinging in the park.

Brussels Aukse Garden

Auksė in the Garden of the Mont des Arts

Brussels Aukse Musee

Auksė in the Royal Palace Museum

Brussels Royal Palace

3 Apr 15
Royal Palace

This is interesting because the Palace is slightly inclined. I hope it doesn’t say anything bad about the Royal Family (?)

Brussels Palais de Justice

3 Apr 15
Palais de Justice

“Police partout, justice complice” I was first shocked to see this manifesting slogan not being erased from the wall of the Palais of Justice. Then I felt a strong sense of empathy for the slogan – there is only one thing the police can do wrong in every society with rule of law.


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