Budapest on film

Budapest Kossuth Institute

2 Aug 15
Kossuth Memorial

Lajos Kossuth, Father of Hungarian democracy

Budapest Hungarian Gov

2 Aug 15
Hungarian Parliament Building & Kossuth Lajos Square
Budapest River

2 Aug 15
The Danube River

Budapest Statue of German Occupation

2 Aug 15
Statue of German Occupation

Budapest Terror Museum Iron Curtain

2 Aug 15
The Iron Curtain

Budapest Unknown

2 Aug 15

Budapest Oktogon Station

2 Aug 15
Oktogon Metro Station, Nostalgic Train

I liked this metro a lot. Each train cart is its own and not to be connected to others. The handles were made in leather straps and they are still in use today. The station has wood and white tile as interior furnishing. It is the dream of vintage metro lovers.

Budapest St Stephens Basilica Morning

2 Aug 15
St Stephen’s Basilica in the morning

Budapest St Stephens Basilica Noon

2 Aug 15
St Stephen’s Basilica¬†after rain

Budapest St Stephens Basilica Panoramic Tower

2 Aug 15
On Panoramic Tower of Basilica

Another classic shot from top.

Budapest Liberty Bridge

3 Aug 15
Liberty Bridge

The photo was taken when I was on a ferry.

Budapest Royal Castle

3 Aug 15
Buda Castle

Apparently the giant soldiers are secretly transporting their gun into the castle.


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