Oslo on film

Oslo Norwegian Parliament

20 Mar 15 1PM

The Norwegian Parliament doesn’t lie. The circle in the middle is where MPs sit in a spectrum, the rectangles on the sides are where they work, there is a large open space in the front. It takes a few steps upwards to enter this thing, but you can enter from both the left and right wings.

Oslo Ostbanehallen

21 Mar 15 1PM

A newly furnished mall next to main train station.

Oslo Cafe Skanson

21 Mar 15 3PM
Café Skansen

Coffee party with strangers in front of a mustard yellowish building. Why not.

Oslo Fjordkraft

21 Mar 15 3PM
Olav Thon Gruppen

I didn’t know it is a hotel.

Oslo Royal Palace

22 Mar 15 11AM
Royal Palace of Norway

Probably the gloomiest photo ever taken of the Palace.

Oslo UiO

22 Mar 15 11AM

Moments after snow.

Oslo Folkemuseet

22 Mar 15 4PM
Norsk Folkemuseum Torget

It was actually quite a nice open-air museum. There were many lovely houses that actually function. Like a small Norwegian town.

Oslo Folkmuseet 2

22 Mar 15 4PM
Norsk Folkemuseum Red House

Oslo Folkmuseet 3

22 Mar 15 4PM
Norsk Folkemuseum Church

Interesting shape of the wooden church so I have a photo of its silhouette even though it’s dark.

Oslo Holmenkollen 1

23 Mar 15 1PM
Holmenkollen Jump Tower

I probably wasn’t but I felt like on top of Oslo. So lucky it was a sunny day.

Oslo Holmenkollen 2

23 Mar 15 1PM
Holmenkollen Jump Tower

I spent half an hour looking and counting the trees and little houses.

Oslo is beautiful. I can’t wait to go back. My heart always has a piece left in Oslo.



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