Yorkshire on film

Although I was in England for 5 months I wouldn’t say I have explored it really well. This is all because I am saving it for next time but anyhow there are a few places I have been in Yorkshire and recorded with my camera.


One day I decided to take a walk around my residence and explore the neighbourhood.

Sheffield Endcliffe

13 Mar 15 11AM
Outside my window 

I still couldn’t forget the peaceful view from my dorm room. Sheffield Botanical Garden 1

Feb 15 2PM
Sheffield Botanical Gardens Pavilion

The Pavilion (in which hosts a green house) is very long so I had to step backwards to capture the most of it. The weather was a bit cloudy and under my lens it kind of looks like the scene of a horror movie.

Sheffield Botanical Garden 2

Feb 15 2PM
Sheffield Botanical Gardens Cafe

The Curator’s House is a cafe.

Sheffield Botanical Garden Bearpit

Feb 15 2PM
Sheffield Botanical Gardens Bear Pit

It simply was one of the items on my Sheffield checklist.

Sheffield St Johns Ranmoor

Feb 15 4;30PM
St John’s Ranmoor

A church 20 mins from my residence. Ranmoor is mostly a residential area.

Sheffield Fulwood Road

Feb 15 5:00PM
Fulwood Road

The sky looked lighter than this. On Fulwood Road it’s strictly all homes.


Leeds General Infirmary

22 Feb 15 1:00PM
Leeds General Infirmary

I was in Leeds for a Model United Nations event and I couchsurfed with a Taiwanese girl studying at the University of Leeds. Her flatmate has her placement in this hospital.


I went to York with Flatducks as a day trip.York King No One

28 Feb 15
King No One Performing

York Minster

28 Feb 15
York Minster

Most foreign people mispronounce as “York Minister”.

York Shambles

28 Feb 15
The Shambles

A tourist shopping street.


28 Feb 15
Somewhere around the corner

In general the photos looked quite gloomy. Well, cameras don’t lie. Maybe England does have shitty weather.


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