Kayaking in Sai Kung

Only after travelling and exploring the nature of other countries did I realise to go back to where I was raised in Hong Kong and exploit the vast natural resources in Sai Kung. Two French girls, Louisson and Carole, have been friends of mine along my journey of the penultimate year at uni as exchange students. And being buddies with exchange students often means they will invite you to explore the “fun stuff” of Hong Kong no locals have time for. I have promised to take them to kayak somewhere in Hong Kong since September but could only keep my words on their last week, which I am still guilty about. Nevertheless, here are the photos I risked drowning (my camera) to take and at the end there will be “tips” on options of kayaking in Sai Kung (as a little research for my own future exploitation as well).

24 May 16 12PM
Sai Kung

Back in the 1960s
This athletic suit left me with weird tan lines
Lou felt very comfortable on the sea as a girl from the seaside city
Still very comfortable not knowing I was about to hit her kayak
Carole is more of a serious kayaker
Big head
It was difficult to keep the balance when the waves are hitting me

Sai Kung kayaking locations:

In general you need 3 qualified people to rent a kayak (for each) in the government water sports centres/ venues but here are some you can do without:
References: http://saikung.com/2015/03/the-guide-to-kayaking-in-sai-kung/

  1. Sha Ha Beach
    Next to Sai Kung Waterfront Park, super easy access, two kayak rental companies available
  2. Hoi Ha Wan
    Close to Sai Kung Country Park, multiple bus/ minibus trips can be daunting, ideal with hiking and camping, two kayak rental stores
  3. Jin Island, only available with local tours but epic view of Tiu Chung Arch and rocks that look like a goldfish’s tail from above (what? lol)

How to get to Sai Kung:
From Mong Kok: Red Minibus in Dundas Street
From Causeway Bay: Red Minibus in Tang Lung Street
From elsewhere: I wouldn’t recommend buses because the trip will be long af



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