Back to Uni in Canterbury

Uni in HK ends pretty early, but uni in UK starts pretty late. What do you do with the long summer vacation ? You go to France. Well, I don’t, but Louison did. Lou is the first French person of my age who I successfully became friends with despite learning French sooo wholeheartedly for three years. For the same amount of time one could fall in love, date, and get engaged to a French hottie already. I just keep getting work at French companies… Back to the subject – why do you end a semester in HK but start another in the UK ? Lou and I actually met when she came to HKU as an exchange student, and her home uni is in Canterbury. So between our goodbye in Hong Kong and our meeting in Canterbury, there had been … a good couple of weeks.

It was a beautiful and relaxing day. It was all sunny and mildly windy and people are out to enjoy the warmth. We first went to shop, stayed for a little while at Lou’s cozy place, and marched onto the streets. We had a nice lunch on the alley of the burrito place, an after-lunch coffee at an outdoor cafe, and lastly some dessert at Lou’s university. I guess we had just been talking for the whole day, which was crazy looking back at how much of the conversation had already become history today as I write. She was going back to uni for the final year and is now already done with everything. I was skipping classes for this trip and now I have finished probation at my first job.

Our conversation and the things we talked about that day were both very, ephemeral, which just like a getaway on a sunny day, we all need that sometimes. Of course I’d like to have those old big, philosophical conversations and long trips to grand places, but no one can stand that pressure to be inspired all the time. Great pleasures, like great pains, are heavy. And I had the experience of being overwhelmed by both, which is why now I am learning to appreciate this kind of lightweight pleasure that I would dismiss before.

Looking forward to the next catch up wherever it will be, Lou !

Canterbury alley
Towards the cathedral
Canterbury city line
Busy street with the sun so bright
Canterbury gate
Westgate, Canterbury
Canterbury grass
On the sidewalk we saw a father on a bike and his son walking next to him. Very British scene

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