On Film – Tango Peninsula, Kyoto

Tango Peninsula is one of the most underrated areas in Kyoto if not Kansai in my opinion. It offers a coastline of beautiful beaches, fishing villages, and one of Japan’s three scenic views, Amanohashidate. It would have been much easier to drive around the peninsula and see more of the raw nature of seaside Japan, but local train rides were lovely too. The Kyoto Tango Railway operates with old trains that run through scenic villages and mountains covering in snow. For a city girl that I was in Hong Kong, without sounding like the cliche “wanderlust” wannabe, the trip did give me the peace, relaxation, and connection with nature that I craved and wanted to appreciate.

Kyoto Tankou Railway
Kyoto Tango Railway – from Miyazu to Fukushiyama



Ine town
Inland Ine Village
Shibata sou view
Waves splashing on the rocks of Ine, from my room in the minshuku Shibato Sou
Shibata sou sunset
Sunset in Ine
Ine Funayas
Ine no Funaya under snow
Ine boat and boathouses
A fishing boat at rest
Funayas of Ine
Ine no Funaya by the mountain
Ine island
Lonely man island …
Sunset Ayabe
Sunset in Ayabe (bad exposure)

And a couple snaps from Kyoto City.

Kibune area
Kurama Village
Kyoto Gion Houses
Gion, Kyoto
Arashiyama Hozu Gawa
Arashiyama, after a boatride on Hozugawa

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