“American Tourist” Walt Disney Resort in Orlando, Florida, 2002

Noot noot. (How penguins speak.)

My first journey started when I was 6. I was put on a plane to Queens, New York for a 2-month summer camp so I could “learn English”. Before I graduate secondary school, all trips I had were with my entire family, which were enjoyable but not enough. When I turned 18, I went on my very first solo trip after finding a host on Couchsurfing in Naha, Okinawa, Japan. I was inexperienced, my Japanese was broken (still broken today), my backpack was over-packed … but I was enlightened by the experience thanks to a different culture and society. As I entered university, going on exchange became the biggest plan of my uni life. In Sheffield, England, I started my 7-month in Europe of exchange studies, French summer school, Flatduck visits and travels. Now that I am done with uni, I am planning my graduation trip which will hopefully last for a year or so. I realised that I will never stop travelling.

This blog is a record of my journeys, a keeper of my travel memories, and a self-reflection on my identity as hopefully, a Global Citizen.

KAP Apr 2016